Sikker journalføring og risikostyring

It matters for the results how things are done


Flexibility at its core

Jobpulz is a highly customisable system at its core. By enabling and configuring different modules, you can have an accurate management tool that follows your business requirement, rather than the other way around. Jobpulz is the single enterprise solution that can bring both Jobpulz modules and third party solutions together in a unified manner. We say that Jobpulz is the building foundation, but the house should be at the liking of each customer.


Project management

Enkel og intuitiv oppgavestyring, med verktøy for å følge fremdrift og planlegge frem i tid med god beslutningsstøtte. Kjernemodul for håndtering av internkontroll, avviksregistrering-og oppfølging, risikostyring



Smidig og tilpasningvennlig modul, anvendelig for alle administrative prosesser.


Workflow customisation

Arbeidsprosesser automatiseres gjennom lokalt tilpassede arbeidsflyter. Disse bidrar til å standardisere og dokumentere fremdrift i prosesser. Modulene for prosjektstyring, CRM, og journalføring, tilbyr alle mulighet for skreddersydde arbeidsflyter.



Tidkrevende manuelle oppgaver kan konverteres til automatiserte operasjoner for å spare tid og ressurser.



Jobpulz støtter opplasting av eksisterende dokumenter/filer, lage dokumenter i web-grensesnittet, og følgelig også integrasjon mot Office 365.



Visualisation tools, such as Kanaban Boards and Gantt diagrams make it easier to follow progress, speed up execution, and change priorities depending on how tasks relate to each other.


Time tracking

Jobpulz provides intuitive time tracking and timesheets to track productivity, overall progress and billable work.


Statistics and reporting

Comprehensive realtime statistics and reporting designed to provide essential overview for informed decision-making.

Data security

Take security seriously and preserve your values and sensitive information.

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Extensive and rigorous access control  
  • Case management with real-time encryption
  • GDPR compliance


We offer seamless integrations for extended functionality with Jira, MS applications, Verified/digital signature, PureCloud call centre and Visma services.

New integrations are added continuously and on demand.

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